Isabel von Klitzing

Isabel von Klitzing

With her long-standing experience of the world-wide art market, Isabel offers her clients a broad knowledge base and an international network of contacts. As a seasoned provenance research specialist and art consulting professional, she provides integrated services for all actors in the sector, e.g. collectors, museums, auction houses, art dealers, lawyers and governments.




Isabel von Klitzing established Provenance Research & Art Consulting in 2012. With her team she provides detailed research on the provenance of works of art in both private and public collections world-wide thereby helping to provide tailor-made solutions on provenance related issues to the art world.

Before setting up her own business, she worked for 10 years as a Senior Restitution Specialist for Sotheby’s in London, Belgrade and Frankfurt.

Through her longstanding professional experience in the field of provenance research she has established close contact to other provenance researchers in both the public and private sectors in Germany and abroad and has access to an international network of experts on all art-historical periods.

Isabel von Klitzing studied Law in Göttingen, Berlin, Brussels and Paris and completed the first and second Staatsexamen (State Exams) in Germany and the Diplôme Centre Universitaire d’Etudes des Communautés Européennes at the Université de Paris I, Panthéon, Sorbonne. She is a member of the Bar Association Frankfurt/ Main and was appointed Provenance Expert by the Court of Arbitration of Art (

From 2014-2016 she served as a member of the Board of the Working Group for Provenance Research and is a member of the Institute of Art and Law since 2001. Since 2011 she lectured on the topic "Provenance Research in the Art Trade" at the Free University, Berlin.

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